Hall of Fame Inductee - Ed Reimer


Ed Reimer has been involved in softball for over 60 years.  He has played and coached for 30 years and umpired for 35 years. As a player and coach, Ed has participated at various levels up to and including Mens Senior A.

As an umpire, Ed has seen and done many things.  He has umpired at various Canadian championships (both fast pitch and slo-pitch), at the I.S.C. Mens championships and at the World Junior Mens championships.  He has been umpire-in-chief at many levels and events including the Canadian Senior Ladies Slow Pitch championships (Softball Canada’s premiere slow pitch event) in 1984 and several SPN National championships.  Ed has instructed at many umpire clinics and assisted with the development of National fast pitch and slow pitch umpire programs and manuals.  He was inducted into the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.

Ed was instrumental in the development of the SPN Umpire program in Saskatchewan and continues to be a driving force for continuous improvement of this program.  Umpire development and excellence are key components of the Saskatchewan program that support and enhance the overall SPN program.

Ed was appointed UIC for the SPN Prairie Region in 1996, a position he currently holds. Ed was inducted into the SPN Hall of Fame in October 2004, in the category of Umpire.