Hall of Fame Inductee - Adam Mordarski


Adam Mordarski was inducted as the 13th member into the SPN Hall of Fame on Saturday, Nov 14th at the Slo-Pitch National Annual General Meeting in the “Umpire" category.
Adam began umpiring in 1985 and became involved with SPN in 1989. Adam has hosted annual umpire clinics throughout Manitoba as well as attended clinics across Canada while he was a member of the National Officiating Committee. In addition to his Umpire-In-Chief duties, Adam also has acted as a UIC for the Winnipeg Women’s Slo-Pitch League.
His contributions to the Manitoba and National umpires program are recognized through this induction into the Umpire category in the Hall of Fame.
Adam accepted his Hall of Fame Award in Toronto at the Annual General Meeting in front of his son and daughter. He is looking forward to continuing on in the game of slo-pitch as a member of his +60 team in Winnipeg. Slo-Pitch National congratulates Adam Mordarski on his induction into the SPN Hall of Fame.